HamSphere Newsletter December 2018
2018-11-30 19:17

Welcome to the Christmas Edition of the HamSphere Newsletter 2018

We have a lot of good stuff coming your way so here we go:

A message from the Administrators

Welcome to the HamSphere Xmas Newsletter. So much has happened during the last 12 Months for the HamSphere community. We have had another run of contest's through out the last year with great participation from our HamSphere operators, congrats to all the winners and the best of luck to those who will be taking part in our coming contest's during the next 12 months.

We are seeing lots of new call signs on our system with new operators enjoying the challenge of HamSphere 4. With our new operators just venturing into this hobby, we notice the support they get from our "Elmers" helping them down the right path, for this we thank you. When operators venture onto HamSphere 4, the support is still there with our seasoned operators lending a hand with tips to help them out if needed. This support is seen through our HamSphere 4.0 Facebook group which has now passed the 5 thousand member mark. We, the HamSphere Administration thank each and everyone of you for all the support you give to the HamSphere community no matter how big or small. It is you that keeps the spirit of Amateur Radio going.

Peter, VK2PSW
HamSphere Administration.

HamSphere 3.0 News

Stable 3.1 Release

In May 2018 we released the new HamSphere 3.1 update. The latest stable version is 3.1.5 and can be downloaded from https://www.hamsphere.com/download.

Official 17 Meter Net

The HamSphere 17m band on HamSphere 3.0 has hosted many nets/groups over the years particularly on 18.155 MHz.

Starting as of 29 Aug 2018 Robert G0MOK will be operating a new group/net. You are invited to come and join the Official 17 Meter Net on 18.155kHz on HamSphere 3. This net is run by G0MOK Robert on Sundays and Wednesdays at 18:30 to 20:30 UTC with a completely new format. Your input is important as we want to do something new this time with activities including Quizzes, Competitions and Guest speakers.

Look forward to seeing you on the net!

G0MOK, Net Controller

On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HamSphere.17m.group/

New contests on HS3

We decided to hold five contests on HamSphere 3.0 during 2019. This is a new initiative to maintain the DX spirit on HamSphere 3.0 - our entry platform.

* 2019-02-23 00:00 UTC, HamSphere 3.0 International DX Contest, Phone
* 2019-03-31 00:00 UTC, HamSphere 3.0 Spring contest 2019
* 2019-07-04 00:00 UTC, 4th of July Contest 2019 on HamSphere 3.0
* 2019-11-02 00:00 UTC, Halloween World QSO Party contest 2019
* 2019-12-26 08:30 UTC, HamSphere 3.0 Christmas contest 2019

More info at: https://www.hamsphere.com/contest.php

Secure SSL Website

Finally we have secured our main website with secure SSL encryption for the protection of all customers. You will see the small pad lock on the HamSphere URL: https://www.hamsphere.com

Latest from Elmers/Admins on HamSphere

CQ CQ CQ from the Elmer's and moderators on HamSphere 3. First off may we wish all HamSphere users a very merry Christmas and a Healthy and prosperous New Year for 2019. Business on HS3 has been busy with the 50+ club contest (well done Fred M6YYU) a great job and thanks to Kelly and the admin team for supporting it. The 17 MTR group is growing in numbers and I will be back on soon all being well. HamSphere is growing in numbers and getting more subscribers everyday and that's where the Elmer's come welcoming all new stations and making their experience as enjoyable as it can be. One or two little problems with some stations that take this system as a joke, believe me it's not it is as serious as using the "real" hf bands as should be given the same respect. All in all it's been a great success. Remember if you need any assistance on the system just look for any one with a callsign like this (E) or (M) in the cluster they will be happy to help and give you some advice and guide you through the system. Do not be afraid to talk to and Elmer or a Moderator they are here to help you enjoy this great system so make them work PLEASE. Here is to a great 12 months on this great system. Just a footnote congrats to Glenn 26hs4493 on passing his foundation look forward to hearing you with your new M7???.

73 all from G0MOK Robert.

Latest from 40m Help Group on HamSphere 3.0

I'm Robert M0RCK and I run the Hamsphere 40m Early Morning Help Group on the frequency of 07.050.00 which is to help old and new stations to familiarise themselves with the system, to teach them the proper radio etiquette and how to use callsigns and Q codes professionally. I teach them how to use the HELP button so they can find the Manual, Code of Conduct, Band Plans, etc. I help them with technical information and also guide them to the Test frequency to check their audio and power to avoid over-deviation or splatter. I teach them how to use the HS3/HS4 Mobile and the HS3/HS4 PC, and any other general information about the HamSphere programme. I try to guide them on their way forward to gaining their amateur radio licence.

I'm also there to help amateur radio users to refresh their memories about operating procedures!! I give information about how to pay for subscriptions, how to create and send QSL cards on the HS system, and any other queries that operators may have. I teach them how to operate in a responsible and respectful manner and to respect other operators. I operate on HS4 2m on frequency 145.5000 for operators guidance, information and queries about the system. I also give guidance through the HF operation, where to get modules, how to purchase them and how to use them.

The 40m Help Group Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1681612182087104/

Remote and SWL rigs

We have launched HamSphere 4.0 Remote. The concept is based on remotely controlled transceivers in different parts of the world. These radios can be booked by the hour using your HS Credits and they are all fully fledged transceivers with powerful antennas and plug-ins in good DX locations. It is an excellent opportunity for operators to experience other locations in the world and try out a real DX machine with massive antennas. We would like to thank Steve KC3AZT for the superb idea that made this project possible and Geert 13HS575 for his great work creating QSL cards, rigs and detailed information.

These transceivers are available to both Subscribers, DX and Trial Users.


We are also happy to present "HamSphere SWL". We have located six receivers in six continents. These receivers can be booked by Subscribers, DX and Trial users. The idea is to give the operator a choice to experience HamSphere communications as an SWL (Short Wave Listener) in different parts of the world. The receivers are designed without logbook and has no TX capability. They also come with a few useful antennas and the Band Scanner.


HamSphere Digi modes

By Steve, KC3AZT

The new version of JS8-Call has been pretty popular lately with the Digi guys including ROS has been poking it's head around the lower portion of 30 meters from time to time. However SSTV seems to be holding it's ground still as it seems to be the most popular of the Digi programs. You may also want to try out Easy Pal as this free software program will out perform most other's far as quality of sending and receiving pictures.


Our facebook Digimode group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hamspheredatamodes/

Everything your wanted to know about Ham Radio

Amateur Radio is a wonderful hobby. But how much do you really know about it? I have compiled everything I have learned as a licensed ham for 40 years in this document:


Want to help out? Please let me know if there is anything missing and I'll add it. Let us keep the Ham Radio spirit going!

Kelly SM7NHC

New HamSphere 4.0 DX Report email

Some of you have already received the HamSphere 4.0 DX Report in their emails. We decided to compile a daily, weekly or monthly DX-Report from your HamSphere 4.0 contacts and achievements. The idea is to keep the operator up to date on its DX performance on HS4. The report has a setting so that the operator can set daily, weekly, monthly or no reports. The report covers all included awards and reports.

The report also shows the previous reports's numbers and data for comparison. In addition it informs the operators about upcoming contest and important links for HamSphere operation.

Each report comes with a DX Country listing based on the real logins to the system from these DX countries during the period since last report. It will also tell the operator if it is gaining or dropping positions in the Top-1000 list.

You can select the periodicity by this link: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/dxreportsetting.php

HamSphere 4.0 Black friday sales

By Geert, 13HS575

We decided to make a few Black Friday deals, (Total 35 discount Deals)
Example ALL "2 x 2 x 5 Yagi stacks" 40% discount, NOW from 60/65 € to an Black Friday price from 36/39 €.
ALL "GP monopole" 40% discount.

UPDATE on 16-NOV.14.00 UTC: Even ALL 5 and 8 Element Yagi's with 40% DISCOUNT !!!!!

Bandscanner, some 3 El Yagis, BC Phased Array (48m), Hexbeam, Microphone recorder ect.
Expiry Date: 2019-01-01 <<<<<<<


Implementation on Long Path propagation on HS4

By Basu VU2NSB

Long Path - Quick tips and pointers & a robust example scenario.

HamSphere has activated HF Long Path (LP) along with the existing Short Path (SP) on HS4. Although LP may not be as simple, prominent, or as recurrent as SP, but it opens up new vistas and interesting possibilities of DX. The usual pitfall of distinguishing a LP opening from that of SP at the back of a beam does exist. The experienced HF operators know how to distinguish between the two. Here are a few tips and pointers that might help in identifying and hunting for LP openings.

1) If you find a weak signal on SP and then turn your antenna beam in the opposite direction (180° away); and now if you find that the signal from the DX is stronger, then surely it is LP.

2) LP would usually manifest better for a DX destination which is more than 6-7 thousand Km away. You may also find LP for DX distances above 4K Km but if the distance is less then the prospects are very remote.

3) Usually, if your LP great circle path to the DX crosses the equator at least once, then LP prospects increase.

4) Normally, if there is a strong SP available to a DX destination then the prospects of finding a LP to that location at that time and band is rather low.

5) Although it is not a rule but usually a strong LP to a DX destination would rarely exist when a strong SP opening is present. A good and robust LP existence usually does not overlap SP.

6) Gray Line situations often boost LP prospects for DX distances over 8K Km. It need not be a precise Gray Line scenario but even a LP that follows closely along the Gray Line (Twilight zone) would boost LP openings.

A typical example of robust LP.

I am presenting below a set of scenarios for both SP and LP as it manifests from my QTH at New Delhi, India to the rest of the world on 12m at 14:00+ UTC on 22nd November 2018. The graphics should provide a fairly clear understanding of the manifestation of LP.

There are two graphics, one depicting the SP scenario while the other one depicts LP at the same concurrent moment in time on the 12m band. You may notice that SP allows me to primarily work southern hemisphere; whereas LP allows me robust openings into North and Central America and EU. You can also clearly see that the territory covered by LP runs above the north of the SP coverage region and also borders of coverage areas of SP and LP run alongside one another and they do not overlap.

Though it should be self-explanatory but the first graphic depicts SP while the second one is LP.

Happy DXing everybody...

de Basu VU2NSB.

New DX Map

Since Google have begun charging massively for their maps we have replaced it with Open Streetmap. Luckily it actually works fine and the navigation feels better than Google. Unless you purchased it, you can pick up your copy of the Plug-in from https://shop.hamsphere.com/product_info.php?products_id=102964

New Antennas for mobile / PC

For the HS4 Mobile
New Bruce Array (80m). The Bruce Array is an antenna in the family of Curtain Array antennas which provide excellent performance in the lower HF and MF spectrum. At these frequencies it is very difficult to practically achieve low radiation takeoff angles which are necessary for DX operation. Curtain arrays fill this gap quite remarkably. HamSphere Bruce Array for 80m is a 4-element design. It is optimized as a lightweight wire antenna which lends itself to easy deployment and good portability. This is a Mobile field deployable antenna. The 4-el 80m Bruce Array features a bi-directional radiation pattern and offers a remarkable TX gain of 6.1 dBi with an even better RDF RX gain (RX directivity) of 10 dBi. The peak radiation level is at 20 degrees elevation with an azimuth beamwidth of +/- 36 degrees. The native feedpoint impedance is approximately 300 ohms balanced which is matched to the 50 ohms feeder coaxial cable using a 4:1 coax balun resulting in a SWR of less than 1.75:1. A 75 ohms coax feeder would achieve a near perfect 1:1 SWR. The radiation pattern is vertically polarized making it not only a great DX antenna but also provides significantly pronounced groundwave coverage for local/short distances. Unlike a Dipole or Inverted-V which act as high angle radiators at 80/160m wavelengths, the Bruce Array is a DX hunter's delight.

Click for more info: https://mobishop.hamsphere.com/product_info.php?products_id=614

New antennas for the HS4 PC

The HamSphere 3-element 3-band Yagi is one the antennas in our series of "Classical HF Antennas". https://shop.hamsphere.com/product_info.php?products_id=208704

News from HamSphere 4.0 Web shop

Blue Series

We have released a new Blue Series of Instrumentation for your HamSphere 4.0 Transceiver. The line is inspired by the HS4 Mobile app.

Find the complete Blue Series here: https://shop.hamsphere.com/index.php?cPath=44_274

New feature: QSL/SPOT Selector

Activate or Inactivate Auto Spot entries or QSL confirmation emails at your own convenience. Instant On/Off service. When QSL button is lit you will receive QSL email confirmation for each QSL that you receive. When SPOT is lit you allow the Auto DX-Spotters to spot you.

Get it from the shop: https://shop.hamsphere.com/product_info.php?products_id=209924

New Sydney Server HS4

By Kelly, SM7NHC

For over 4 years we have been looking for an affordable server solution in Australia/New Zeeland. It is common knowledge that AU and NZ have one of the most expensive Internet connections in the world. Server prices have been really intimidating until today when we found an affordable solution by a company called Intergrid which is a nation wide ISP providing bare metal servers at a reasonable cost. We are currently testing their hosting and provided the users down under with a new server15. The reports we have received is that it is fast and really reliable.

HamSphere 4.0 contests results

HamSphere 4.0 Latin America and Caribbeans contest 2018
Contest date (YY-MM-DD hh:mm): 2018-04-07 07:00 UTC
HamSphere 4.0 Latin America and Caribbeans contest 2018 Group A: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_43604_read.html
HamSphere 4.0 Latin America and Caribbeans contest 2018 Group B: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_43614_read.html
HamSphere 4.0 Latin America and Caribbeans contest 2018 Group C: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_43624_read.html
HamSphere 4.0 Latin America and Caribbeans contest 2018 Group D: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_43634_read.html
HamSphere 4.0 Latin America and Caribbeans contest 2018 Group E: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_43644_read.html

HamSphere 4.0 CIS & Baltic May Day contest 2018
Contest date (YY-MM-DD hh:mm): 2018-05-05 04:00 UTC
HamSphere 4.0 CIS & Baltic May Day contest, Category A: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44034_read.html
HamSphere 4.0 CIS & Baltic May Day contest, Category B: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44044_read.html
HamSphere 4.0 CIS & Baltic May Day contest, Category C: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44054_read.html
HamSphere 4.0 CIS & Baltic May Day contest, Category D: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44064_read.html

HamSphere 4.0 PSK31 contest 2018
Contest date (YY-MM-DD hh:mm): 2018-05-26 04:00 UTC
Here are the results of the HamSphere 4.0 PSK Contest 2018 that was held 26 May.
The results are based on a properly filled out logbook. We had a total of 48 participants.
Congratulations to Igor, UA9UCO who won with the score of 9396. Well done indeed!
Alex managed to complete 108 valid QSO's and 86 multipliers and wins the prize of 50 Euro HS Credits. Congratulations!
In second place came Dainius, M0HMJ with the score of 8610. Well done!
Igor managed to complete 105 valid QSO's and 81 multipliers and wins the prize of 25 Euro HS Credits. Congratulations!
In third place came Brian, 30HS7103 with the score of 3498. Good work!
Andy managed to complete 66 valid QSOs and 52 multipliers and wins the prize of 15 Euro HS Credits. Congratulations!
Full result list: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44074_read.html

HamSphere 4.0 Summer Contest 2018
Contest date (YY-MM-DD): 2018-06-09
Here are the results from the "HamSphere 4.0 Summer Contest 2018" that was held 9 June 2018. Good participation with 170 contesters. Ravi, VU2RVE 1st prize winner with 326 QSOs and 300732 points. Good work Ravi!
Congratulations to these winners:
1st prize: Ravi, VU2RVE, 100 HS Credits
2nd prize: Igor, UA9UCO, 50 HS Credits
3rd prize: Paul, G0THD, 40 HS Credits
4th prize: Julio, 3HS6407, 30 HS Credits
5th prize: Brian, 30HS7103, 20 HS Credits
6th prize: Luz Mery, 6HS773, 10 HS Credits
7th prize: Franck, 14HS4015, 10 HS Credits
8th prize: Manuel, 31HS1112, 10 HS Credits
9th prize: Fabio, PY5ZR, 10 HS Credits
10th prize: Angelo, 31HS688, 10 HS Credits
Complete results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44194_read.html

HamSphere 4.0 French DX contest 2018
Contest date (YY-MM-DD): 2018-07-14
Here are the results from the "HamSphere 4.0 French DX contest 2018".
Category A, Europe
Category B, Asia
Category C, North and South America
Category D, Oceania and Africa
Congratulations to the winners and Thank You to all participating contesters.

HamSphere 4.0 Summer CW Contest 2018
Contest date (YY-MM-DD): 2018-07-21
Here are the results of the HamSphere 4.0 Summer CW Contest 2018 that was held 21 July.
The results are based on a properly filled out logbook. We had a total of 43 participants.
Congratulations to Andy, SP2DNI who won with the score of 9680. Well done indeed!
Andy managed to complete 110 valid QSO's and 87 multipliers and wins the prize of 50 Euro HS Credits. Congratulations!
In second place came Igor, UA9UCO with the score of 7392. Well done!
Igor managed to complete 96 valid QSO's and 76 multipliers and wins the prize of 25 Euro HS Credits. Congratulations!
In third place came Brian, 30HS7103 with the score of 4758. Good work!
Brian managed to complete 78 valid QSOs and 60 multipliers and wins the prize of 15 Euro HS Credits. Congratulations!
Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44344_read.html

HamSphere 4.0 British contest 2018
Here are the results from the "HamSphere 4.0 British contest 2018" that was held 4 Aug.
Category: Category A, Europe
Category: Category B, Asia
Category: Category C, North and South America
Category: Category D, Africa and Oceania
Congratulations to all winners. Thank you to all participating contesters.

HamSphere 4.0 SSTV Contest 2018
Here are the results of the HamSphere 4.0 SSTV Contest 2018 that was held 25 Aug.
The results are based on a properly filled out logbook. We had a total of 27 participants.
Congratulations to Wojtek, SP4QCU who won with the score of 1750. Well done indeed!
Wojtek managed to complete 50 valid QSO's and 34 multipliers and wins the prize of 50 Euro HS Credits. Congratulations!
In second place came Jean Claude, 14HS4560 with the score of 1176. Well done!
Jean Claude managed to complete 42 valid QSO's and 27 multipliers and wins the prize of 25 Euro HS Credits. Congratulations!
In third place came Robert, 14HS5569 with the score of 735. Good work!
Robert managed to complete 35 valid QSOs and 20 multipliers and wins the prize of 15 Euro HS Credits. Congratulations!
Complete results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44334_read.html

HamSphere 4.0 RTTY Contest 2018
Contest date (YY-MM-DD hh:mm): 2018-09-01 04:00 UTC
Results: HamSphere 4.0 RTTY Contest 2018: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44554_read.html

HamSphere 4.0 Southern Hemisphere contest 2018
Contest date (YY-MM-DD hh:mm): 2018-09-22 00:00 UTC
Results: HamSphere 4.0 Southern Hemisphere contest 2018, Category A: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44564_read.html
Results: HamSphere 4.0 Southern Hemisphere contest 2018, Category B: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44574_read.html
Results: HamSphere 4.0 Southern Hemisphere contest 2018, Category C: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44584_read.html
Results: HamSphere 4.0 Southern Hemisphere contest 2018, Category D: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44594_read.html

HamSphere 4.0 Russian Federation Contest 2018
Contest date (YY-MM-DD hh:mm): 2018-10-27 07:00 UTC
Results: HamSphere 4.0 Russian Federation Contest 2018, Category A https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44604_read.html
Results: HamSphere 4.0 Russian Federation Contest 2018, Category B https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44614_read.html
Results: HamSphere 4.0 Russian Federation Contest 2018, Category C https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44624_read.html
Results: HamSphere 4.0 Russian Federation Contest 2018, Category D https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44634_read.html

HamSphere 4.0 VHF/UHF Relay Sprint 2018
Contest date (YY-MM-DD hh:mm): 2018-11-10 16:00
Here are the results of the HamSphere 4.0 VHF/UHF Relay Sprint 2018 that was held 10 Nov 2018.
The results are based on a properly filled out logbook. We had a total of 32 participants.
Congratulations to Rich, G7GLW who won with the score of 8190. Well done indeed!
Rich managed to complete 39 valid QSO's and 20 multipliers and wins the prize of 50 Euro HS Credits. Congratulations!
In second place came Sebastien, 14HS3000 with the score of 8000. Well done!
Sebastien managed to complete 40 valid QSO's and 19 multipliers and wins the prize of 25 Euro HS Credits. Congratulations!
In third place came Evlogy, DL/LZ3MM with the score of 7800. Good work!
Evlogy managed to complete 39 valid QSOs and 19 multipliers and wins the prize of 15 Euro HS Credits. Congratulations!
In 4th to 10th place came 31HS688, SP2DNI, M0HMJ, PY3TD, ON2WAC, YD2DOP and 30HS7103 who win 10 Euro HS Credits. Congratulations! A big Thank you to all partcipants.
Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44744_read.html

Late Night DX Gang Worldwide Prefixes contest 2018
Contest date (YY-MM-DD hh:mm): 2018-11-24 00:00
Here are the results from the "Late Night DX Gang Worldwide Prefixes contest 2018" that was held 24 Nov 2018.
The contest had 199 participants and 16845 logged QSOs.
Congratulations to these winners:
1st place - Alex, RG5A is awarded 100 HS Credits
2nd place - Igor, UA9UCO is awarded 80 HS Credits
3rd place - Paul, G0THD is awarded 50 HS Credits
4th place - Enio, PY3TD is awarded 30 HS Credits
5th place - Andy, SP2DNI is awarded 20 HS Credits
6th place - Ravi, VU2RVE is awarded 10 HS Credits
HamSphere extends a big Thank You to all participants!
Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44754_read.html

Result list HamSphere 4.0 four hour contest
We are coming up on stage 6 of 6 for the 4-hour contest.
The contest is an all around the year contest divided into 6 sub contests.
Results will be posted for stage 1-5 with no specific geographic categories.
After stage 6 is completed contest 1-6 will be added together and divided into 6 sub continents
Europe, North America, Oceania, South America, Asia and Africa
We have decided to remove the suggested mobile categories and make a specific Mobile Contest instead.
Result from the first 3 stages will be presented shortly.
If you did not make it to the top 3, then there is still time to make it in the final score. So please make your best effort in the upcoming 4-6 stages :-)
Stage 1: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44204_read.html
Stage 2: https//hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44214_read.html
Stage 3: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44224_read.html
Stage 4: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44394_read.html
Stage 5: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_44544_read.html
Stage 6: TBA. Sign up: https://hs4.hamsphere.com/contest.php?mode=edit&contest_id=824

Remaining upcoming 4.0 contests this year

2018-12-08 20:00 HamSphere 4.0 4-hour series contest stage 6
2018-12-15 00:00 The North American Winter Contest 2018
2018-12-29 04:00 HamSphere 4.0 Winter CW contest 2018

More info about contests: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/contest.php

Hi Gain Antenna limitations

By Basu, VU2NSB

Very often people believe that higher the gain of an antenna, the better it is. This is a false notion which does not usually apply to HF communication antennas. For instance, a large 8-element Yagi or a 2x2x5 Stacked Yagi may not be as potent or versatile as what one may think. Smaller HF antennas with lesser gain may outperform these monsters quite often. Let us try to understand the typical characteristics and associated strengths and limitations.

Typical characteristics of high gain antennas.

1) High forward gain only in a narrow forward beam.
2) Low take-off angle on the elevation plane.
3) Generally, secondary or tertiary higher angle lobes are absent.
4) Suitable for long skip (DX) but inadequate for short/medium skip.
5) Excellent rejection of signals from all azimuth directions other than the beam heading.

The above characteristics render such antennas as excellent for long range DX but only in known direction of the DX station towards which the beam is headed. Hence, these antennas are fit for Point-to-Point fixed radio circuits but not for HF ham Radio where signals may arrive from any direction and an operator usually has to search for these signals before trying to establish a contact. These high gain antennas are simply deaf and blind in all directions apart from the direction of its narrow forward beam.

Practical limitations of high gain HF antennas.

1) You may start your transceiver and switch to the Stacked Yagi but find no activity.
2) Although there may be several active stations on the band but your narrow antenna beam would often miss them.
3) You may erroneously conclude that either the band is dead or there is no activity.
4)) Even if you see a cluster spot and turn your beam, you may not get the DX contact because he too may be using a narrow beam antenna pointed in a different direction.
5) In the above scenario, your calls to the DX would be in vain and you may falsely conclude that the other guy is ignoring you.
6) Since these antennas have low take-off angles, ops especially in Europe and continental USA may not be able to establish solid contacts within their regions.
7) The reason for the above is the need for higher radiation take-off angles and short skip. These high gain antennas fail miserably in this aspect.

Antenna recommendations for HF Ham Radio operators.

1) Never start your sessions by using a narrow beam (high gain) antenna when you browse the bands.
2) Search for activity with a wide beam antenna or preferably an Omni-directional or a Cardioid pattern antenna.
3) Ideally, start by using the IDC or V-Collinear or Cardioid.
3) If you prefer a directional antenna, then use the VU2NSB Fishbone array or 3-El Yagi and gradually rotate it around while listening or calling.
4) When you hear a station or someone answers your call, then listen carefully to identify his callsign.
5) After having found his approximate location from his callsign, swing your antenna in his general direction.
6) If the DX is very weak for a comfortable QSO, then switch to a higher gain antenna in your possession.
7) While listening, swing your antenna slowly by a few degrees in either direction to maximize his signal.
8) Do not waste your time in finding his exact bearing. A few degrees of offset error doesn't matter the least on HF.
9) After the QSO, switch back to the wider beam antenna before calling or listening for other stations.
10) After establishing the next contact, repeat the steps (4) to (9) during QSO.
11) Reserve your very high gain antennas like the Stacked Yagi only for rare occasions. Use them only for step (6) if conditions are really difficult.

Finally, here is an illustration to demonstrate some of the above facts in context of directional antennas. A hypothetical operator in Germany is beaming into Florida, USA. The HI Gain antenna pattern barely covers the east-coast of USA and Canada, a small part of Mexico and Central America. Whereas, the LO Gain antenna pattern simultaneously covers not only what is covered by the HI gain antenna but also entire USA, Canada, Mexico, full Central America, Caribbean, Venezuela, Columbia, Bolivia, Peru, French Guyana, Surinam, large parts of Brazil, Greenland, Iceland, UK and east-coast of France and Spain. The bottom-line is that although the DX signals on a lower gain antenna may not be as strong as what you might get with a high gain antenna, but it lets you hear (and work) a lot more of radio traffic. On the other-hand, over-dependence on HI gain antennas may render you oblivious to a significant amount of radio activity which in turn will make you feel rather lonely and isolated in the world of HF Ham Radio.

HamSphere 4.0 Show Your Rig

The HamSphere 4.0 transceiver is modular. It is designed using modules like "LEGO" blocks. Here two nicely designed rigs from Enrico IK2FIL and Hans 19HS3396 where they are using very innovative designs.

More at https://www.facebook.com/groups/HamSphereShowYourRig/

HamSphere 4.0 Mobile News

The HS 4.0 mobile app is taking off. Currently we have almost 400 users competing in the awards section. It was released in November 5, 2017 and now has 100,000+ installs. The app has a similar modular design as the PC version, although the plug-ins are very different. These plug-ins are available:

* VHF/UHF Plug-in
* Bandscope / Waterfall
* Log book
* Antenna selector
* Antenna Rotator
* Oscilloscope
* DX-Monitor / DX-Spot
* Plug-in Organizer
* DX-Cluster
* Loop-Up Plug-in

Rare Countries

Following DX countries have been heard on HamSphere over the past month.


How to operate split frequency

Mike WB7ECW has made an excellent instruction video on the subject of split frequency operation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br0i4l82qJA

DXpedition Reports and Special Event Stations

DXpeditions, IOHS, COHS & LOHS Report

By Wayne 9HS4755

First, I would like to recognize and thank Pat, 14HS1, for all of the hard work that he did for our fellow operators during is tenure as DXpedition Manager, excellent work and appreciated by all. I also would like to thank Kelly and his management team for the confidence they have placed in me for taking on this assignment and supporting our fellow HamSphere operators. I am looking forward to helping as many of my HS friends and making their DXpeditions easy and seamless.

Since I have taken over as the Manager, we have had two scheduled:

IOHS/NA027 by 54HS105 Op. Tom
Date: 22 November 2018 - 30 November 2018
QTH:St. John's Newfoundland Canda
Grid: GN37pn

IOHS/AF016 by 14HS1 Op. Pat
Date: 24 November 2018 - 09 December 2018
QTH: Saint-Denis, Reunion Island
Grid: LG97rc

If you would like to be active from a rare/most wanted/new country or from an island, a lighthouse or a castle on HamSphere 4, we can provide you a sponsored account with all plug-ins and antenna needed for have a powerful station. The official DXpeditions QSL cards are also included and ready to use on the account. Islands, lighthouses & castles with an official reference on HF bands are eligible for IOHS, LOHS and COHS activity on HamSphere.

For more info, please contact Wayne 9HS4755 via HamSphere or HamSphere 4 private message or via Facebook:
For HamSphere Private Message: https://www.hamsphere.com/pm.php?5,page=send,to_id=1660536

For HamSphere 4.0 Private Message: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/pm.php

For Email Message: 9HS4755@gmail.com

For Facebook messenger Message: https://www.facebook.com/WayneDAKingston

HamSphere 80 Meter Award Net

By Larry, N8RGO

The HamSphere 80 Meter Award Net was formed with the express purpose of helping operators old and new alike achieve their 80 meter award. In my opinion I feel that the 80
meter award could be the fastest award to obtain in the sense that you only need 25 states on the 80 meter band to get it. Yes, not all the states are around all the time and for some states it might be hit or miss if you can catch them anywhere, but now with this new net forming we may be able to bridge that gap and get the award much quicker.

There is something about winning awards that makes an operator feel good and have a sense of accomplishment. We not only want to help those achieve an award but make them feel like they are a part of something special at the same time.

There is no magical time to make sure we accommodate both the east and west coast and all be happy, so with that said we will have the net on frequency 3.750 on Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays at 02:00 UTC.

The 80 meter award net plans on being somewhat of a faster pace net lasting an hour but could go longer to make sure the number of participants will all get a chance to exchange their cards. While we can all have fun and get a few words of interest in, it is important to keep in mind the reason we are all here.

I guess every net/facebook group needs a few rules to follow even if all of us operators are perfect :-) So in short order here are the rules I have set fourth for this group in FB and also during net operations.
1) No conversations invoking religious and political topics
2) No bad language of any kind
3) No pornographic material what so ever
4) Plan to attend the entire net, especially if you're state is the only one represented at that net. Should something come up of importance we understand if you must leave.
5) Only speak during the net at the request of net control.
6) Try and keep most of the posts and comments in the FB group toward HamSphere related articles, great articles of interest in amateur radio, and of course things pertaining to helping other operators and this particular net in general.

If anybody has any questions regarding the rules please get a hold of me personally and I will be more than happy to talk to you about them and address you're concerns.

One last note of interest I plan on having other net control operators, some could fill in for me when I am not available or as back up while in the net in case I need their assistance. If you would like to be a net operator for the HamSphere 80 Meter Award Net please contact me via PM here in facebook or through the HamSphere messaging system. If a few or even many apply I will give careful thought to whom I pick. I would say 2 are good but maybe 3 or 4 would be nice :-).

Weekly Chat Net 145.400 MHz HamSphere 4.0

The Weekly Chat Net is not active at the moment

Riaan, 44HS1509

Old timers net on HS3

The Old Timers Net is running 3 times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays on frequency 18.140.00at 20:00 UTC. All are welcome to come and join in the fun.

Will see you there 29HS132 Tony and 44HS1509 Riaan

North America Rag Chew Net

The HamSphere North America Rag Chew Net meets each week at 01:00 UTC on Wednesdays and Saturdays commencing on Frequency 07.030 on 40 Meters, once the check in and contacts are completed, the net then QSY to 145.300 on the 2 Meter Repeater. We do this move so that more distant stations can take part in the roundtable discussion and/or question and answer portion:

Net Control on Wednesday Session is 9HS4755 – Wayne from Kingston, Ontario
Net Control on Saturday Session is NA1NA – Dan from Crookston, Minnesota
Net Logger for both sessions 2HS1189 (AC9QM) – Rik from Hartford City, Indiana (winters in Florida)
Assistant Net Control and Net Logger – KC9HH – Harold, Crest Hill, Illinois. VA7FT – Tim, Sooke, British Columbia

The purpose of the HamSphere North America Rag Chew Net is to share information and answer questions and promote the use of the HamSphere platform. The Rag Chew Net elected to stay on 40 Meters for the time being as 40 meters is working quite well for the check in and contact phase, not to say later in the winter period we may consider moving to 60 meters.

We average 16 operators checked in each session and the net averages about 90 minutes in length. Discussions can cover subjects dealing with HamSphere and non radio related subjects have also been discussed. We actively encourage new (to HamSphere) users to come in and be a part of this net and ask their questions, as the Net Control says, “there are no such things as stupid questions.” We have a ton of knowledge in the group and if as an operator has a question on HamSphere or Amateur radio in general this is the spot to come and ask your question.

We actively encourage all HamSphere Operators to join in the discussion and sharing on the 40 Meter net. If you are at a distance and cannot participate in the 40-meter portion do join in on the round table on 2 meters.

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/658843597656106/

Wayne A.

Latest from the India DX Net

India DX Net (a.k.a IDX Net or IDXN) is into its 7th year of operation on HamSphere. Although we had a discontinuity of net operation in recent past, we are back on-air on a regular scheduled basis from the first week of December 2018. It is a discussion net with a global reach. Not only is the net regarded as a source of authentic information pertaining to HamSphere, it also regularly dwells into topics related to HF Radio Propagation, Antennas, Operating practices, Ethics, HF Transceivers, Station equipment setup and various other matters related to Ham Radio. Our strength stems from the vast pool of knowledge-base and collective wisdom of participating Ham Radio operators.

Although the topics discussed on IDX Net are more relevant to HF radio and HamSphere 4.0, we have consciously chosen to run our net mostly on HamSphere 3.0 and occasionally on HamSphere 4.0. This is a deliberate decision since we believe that new operators prefer to start on HS3 to get a better understanding of HF radio before venturing into HamSphere 4.0. Hence we consider it to be our obligation to the HamSphere community to maintain our presence on HS3.

HamSphere 4.0 has always endeavored to provide an excellent and realistic virtual HF communication environment with a carefully modeled propagation platform and real-time updates. The virtual HF antennas on HS4 feature unparalleled performance with ultimate accuracy and uncanny realism when compared to the real world HF antennas. To go a step further, HamSphere has recently updated its propagation model to seamlessly integrate HF Long Path (LP) to the existing Short Path (SP) model. This makes the HS4 HF propagation model as close to reality as possible. However, it also brings in more complexity and a steeper learning curve for uninitiated operators. To cater to this need, India DX Net proposes to conduct special sessions and on-air workshops to familiarize operators with the finer nuances of HF LP.

To further bridge the information gap and to assist operators to leverage the fascinating art and science of HF propagation and antenna selection and usage, IDX Net runs a special Facebook group which is dedicated to these topics.

Those who have not joined "HamSphere IDX Net - HF Radio" Facebook group so far and wish to do so may click on the following group URL to join..


IDX Net is a world-wide net. Please check our operating time and frequency below. Come and join us regularly for on-air live discussions.

India DX Net operating schedule...

Frequency: 28.455 MHz (10m band)
Net Time: 13:00 UTC onwards on Tuesday and Thursday.
Platform: HamSphere 3.0 (with on-demand sessions on HamSphere 4.0)

Net Control Station: VU2NSB (Basu)

The HamSphere Late Night DX-gang

By Georg, ON8AIR
Welcome to our group!!

Since the 9th of May 2015 (22.00 UTC) we created a new crew on HamSphere 4 (with permission of Kelly Lindman SM7NHC).Target of the group: generate more activity on HS4

Check out if you have the 'Worked 50 Countries Award' on HamSphere 4.
Once you have this you can become a FULL MEMBER.
If you haven’t worked 50 countries yet… you will be a NOVICE HOWLER, till you obtained your 50 countries.

It's all FREE!!!!
The only thing you have to do is...Fill the membership form and send your picture with the best resolution as possible). Don’t forget to give us your Facebook profile link and email address.We need to see your 'Worked 50 Countries Award' to become a FULL MEMBER (so don't forget to send it to us!!!!)
Send these information only via e-mail to: info@latenightdx.info
You have not already confirmed 50 countries? It’s not a problem. You can get “Novice Howler” status until you get the 50 countries award!!!

More news

Ostend Clubstation 16HC16 with operators from Ostend (Belgium) will start a 'meet and greet' on 2Meter band. QRG: 145400. Friday 1st of December from 19.00utc till 21.00utc. If this 'Meet and greet' is a succes the Clubstation will repeat it weekly. Format: Come in with your call - The cluboperator will note all received callsigns and starts a QSO. Special QSL will be sent. Handling this way the Late Night DX-gang propagates the 2-Meter band.

Become a member of the Late Night DX-gang! Visit our Facebookpage: HamSphere Late Night DX-gajng' and see the rules to become a wolf. Operators worked 50 or more different countries will be a full member. Stations with less than 50 countries will be novice members. No fee - Lot of fun.

Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LateNightDX/

HamSphere Mobile Awards page

There are almost 400 mobile ops hunting these precious awards right now. Download the app and start working QSOs. You will climb the Top-List quickly.

Master DXer Awards

Master DXer Q2, 2018 Milestone

Master DX for second quarter 2018 completed. This is an annual award that is issued to top scoring DX operators after every calendar year as per rules. The Milestone certificates are awarded to top qualifying DX operators after every quarter. The eligibility for this award will start from 1st January of the year and will be open for points accrual till 31st December of each year.

Congratulations to 4HS2450, PY3TD and RA9CUH who won the Master DXer Q2, 2018 Milestone

Click here for current score: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/masterdx

Master DXer Q3, 2018 Milestone

Master DX for second quarter 2018 completed. This is an annual award that is issued to top scoring DX operators after every calendar year as per rules. The Milestone certificates are awarded to top qualifying DX operators after every quarter. The eligibility for this award will start from 1st January of the year and will be open for points accrual till 31st December of each year.

Congratulations to RA9CUH, PY3TD and PU2MNQ who won the Master DXer Q3, 2018 Milestone

Click here for current score: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/masterdx

Contests results HS 3

The 50 Plus Contest was held 17 Nov 2018

1st Prize Winner..
W9ROZ... Rosie Olson.. USA...
Wins Awards.. and Next Years FREE HamSphere membership which was donated by Kelly Lindman.

2nd Prize Winner..
LA7CL... Paul Narum.. Norway..
Wins Awards.. and 20 Euro's credit to HS4 account donated by Kelly Lindman..

3rd Prize Winner..
26HS6494.. Steve.. Uk...
Wins Awards.. and 50 Plus logo T Shirt donated by Fred M6YYU #01 ..

Awards for taking part in contest will be emailed to the members that sent into the club email address..

Once again Thank you for making the 50 Plus club noticed on HS3.. Its your time and your club...
73 from FRED.. M6YYU. / 26HS9329 #01 President..

RDF Contest results

Here are the results of the HamSphere 4.0 RDF contest Autumn 2018. It was held between 12 and 18 Oct 2018.

We congratulate the Epsilon team that managed to pinpoint the beacons with the score of 5066 and won this contest.
Also team Alpha did a really good result as a runner up with the score of 4121 compared to the last score 3436 in the spring contest.

HamSphere would like to thank the teams for a well performed contest and we wish you welcome back to the next one.

Winning team Epsilon members received the following prizes:

Pavel UR5FAI: 50 Euro HS Credits
Alexey 50HS6209: 50 Euro HS Credits
Andy SP2DNI: 50 Euro HS Credits
Graeme VK7KT: 50 Euro HS Credits
Fabio PY5ZR: 50 Euro HS Credits
Sunil 177HS337: 50 Euro HS Credits

Here is our RDF group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/672109146258046/

Latest Band plan on HamSphere 4.0

The 4.0 BC Band News

The BC band on HS4 is booming. Many new stations this fall. Enjoy the excitement of the 48m band and its distinct propagation.
If you want to start your own broadcast station. Please contact support https://www.hamsphere.com/support

Radio Rock

New BC station
Station name RADIO_ROCK (also F0DUW)
Station manager Name FRANCK
QTH (City and Country): PARIS France (JN18dw)
BC freq.:6220 Khz

Radio COOL

Late Night / Early Morning COOLness...
'Music in the Night' from...
Radio_COOL on 6265 kHz.
Tonight... COOL Blues in the Night...
On-Air 05:00 UTC / Midnight (EST)

Q5 Radio

This Internet Radio Station originated in October 2014.

We started at the beginning with a Group of Discjoys and DJs who provided Syndicated Programs. (Radio Shows without Stations Name, which are also broadcast at other Radio & Internet stations.) After broadcasting a horizontal mix of programs for more than 2 years, one thing became clear. Q5 Radio had no own face / audience in Format on Radio , As we actually expected.

Since September 2016, things have usually changed, with the mutual Respect saying goodbye to the DJs who shared their Programs with other Radio Internet Stations, despite the fact that it was definitely good Radio Shows, we continued with Discjockey's that only for Q5 Radio and Live from their own Studio.

This means that there will be 24 hours of day-to-day music from Monday to Friday. During the Weekend there are various programs with fixed times and DJs. Of course, there is definitely room for New Discjoys, info on the page, DJ Wanted .

Additionally, Q5 Radio has been broadcast worldwide via HamSphere 4.0 for some time

We do this on the BC-48Mtr. Band, Frequency 6285

Koos Van Der Stee

Koos was also DJ on Radio 891 for a shorter period around 1988-89. The story is that in October 1987 Radio Monique was sold and a month later moved to 819 kHz. This move was necessary because Finland had started up a new 600 kW transmitter on 963 kHz. Shortly after, during a storm on 25 November 1987, the aerial mast broke on board the Ross Revenge. Caroline returned fairly quickly with a makeshift aerial but was initially unable to offer Monique a sufficient quality service. In May 1988, another station with Dutch language programming was launched from the Ross Revenge under the name Radio 558, later Radio 819. This was largely seen as the successor to Radio Monique, as it contained many of the same programmes, advertisers and disc jockeys.

Video Tutorials

Mike WB7ECW tutorials: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/videos.php?external

Download the software

Download HamSphere 3.0 for Windows, Linux and Mac
Download HamSphere 4.0 for Windows, Linux and Mac
Download HamSphere 4.0 for Android

Use the Support Ticket System

We have a 24-hour support ticket system where you can get support regarding anything about HamSphere.

* Changing call signs
* Technical problems
* Suggestions
* General questions, etc.


And remember, always state the HamSphere system (3.0 or 4.0) including operating system and computer model such as Windows, Mac. Linux etc for faster support. You can also attach a screenshot of the issue if you like.

Geert 13HS575
HamSphere Support

How to Subscribe

The HamSphere annual subscription costs 30 Euro (plus VAT in EU), that is about $40 USD and includes all our features even the iPhone and Android apps. It also includes the standard 4.0 transceiver.

Click here if you are interested in subscribing to HamSphere and get all features

For many years our operators have asked for a Subscription alternative payment to PayPal. Finally we are able to process debit and credit cards directly via a Secure Payment Gateway.

On public request we are now even selling 3 months subscriptions for 10 Euro.

More on https://www.hamsphere.com/subscribe

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