HamSphere NewsLetter Mar 2011
2011-03-10 17:50
Dear operator.

Welcome to the March 2011 edition of the HamSphere News Letter.

Google Translation
You can now translate all pages to over 50 languages on www.hamsphere.com with the new "Translate" button placed in the upper right corner.

Wonderful to see the interest and the registration from so many DX (distant countries)
DX activity on HamSphere during last few months:
Egypt, Lebanon, South Korea, French Guiana, Yemen, Syria, Ghana, Iraq, Morocco, Iceland, Guyana, Bahrain, Nepal, Bangladesh, Palestine

3rd Anniversary
Many old HamSphere Friends came back to HamSphere to help celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of HamSphere! Welcome back and hope you enjoy re-acquainting yourself with HamSphere friends around the Globe!

Beta testers wanted
Hamsphere version 3.0 is being considered and many are anticipating this to be released soon. Work is being done toward this release and has progressed and will be released in stages after a period of Beta testing. MOre info on the website. If you are interested in participating in the 3.0 Beta test you may sign up here: http://www.hamsphere.com/beta30. There is a limited number of beta testers so we will grant users on a "First come, First served" basis.

More server locations
As technology is forever changing, HamSphere is investigating Virtual Cloud Servers. These servers can, and probably will eliminate the expensive Hardware Server in existence today. Also these servers can be situated in different corners of the world (four (4) or more servers would be nice), so HamSphere Users in the future would log onto the nearest server based on their IP Address and lowest millisecond return ping times. This will reduce the number of drop-outs and hopefully reduce Users Internet connection failures (Server out for maintenance - Please try again !! messages).

So since the last Newsletter many interesting items have come into play and all shows great possibilities to enhance over all performance and fun for everyone!

Wonderful NEWS
It also has been reported that a few more countries world wide are able to use PAYPAL to pay for subscriptions making it easier for Users to get full benefit of the HamSphere software.

Thank you for your interest and the continued Support.

Kelly 5B4AIT
HamSphere Founder