HamSphere NewsLetter May 2010
2010-12-17 11:10
Dear Radio Enthusiast!

Spring is here and summer is close, at least if you live in the northern hemisphere.

Latest HamSphere news:

* HamSphere celebrated its 1000nd subscriber last week. Bill M3KVQ became number 1000 and was entitled a life time subscription.

* The HamSphere iPhone app is being tested. It will be available from the Apple app store in a few weeks.

* Open Days: HamSphere is currently fully open without subscription Mon-Fri between 0600-1300 UTC.

* Increased activity on higher frequencies. 40 meter has been the natural band for DX contacts, but activity has been seen on both 15 and 20 meters lately.

* Live cluster in real time: There is a live updated cluster on the web: http://www.hamsphere.com/cluster.php where you can follow the latest activity on the bands.

* Congratulations to all new Ham Licenses. HamSphere has inspired quite a few non-ham members to have their real Amateur Radio licence issued.

* BC Band activity: There are a few stations asking me for a non-timeout version to broadcast on the 48 meter band. Next release will have no timeout on the BC band.

* CW Operators: There is an increase in CW operation on the system. CW is fun! You may use the built in keyer or user your own tone generator. Please use as little power as possible to avoid splatter.

* There will be some contests during the summer. Please consult the forum for more info.

* Finally, if you want to experience no QRM, No noise and full audio bandwidth, please use the 6-meter band, simulation off and filter-2 (Audio filters disconnected)

If you lost your PIN/Password, you can always get a new one here:

I wish you all Good DX!

73 de
Kelly Lindman