HamSphere NewsLetter March 2010
2010-12-17 11:09
Dear Radio Enthusiast!

The HamSphere virtual Ham Band has now been in operation for over 2 years.
I am very greatful for all subscribers who have signed up to this system. You have really saved HamSphere.
At the time of writing there are 775 subscribers and about 3500 DX-Users active on the system.

Many HamSphere users are unable to operate a real Ham rig on their location.
It could be due to antennas, QRM or the simple fact that they live in a big city.
HamSphere has truly become a real substitute for an expensive Amateur radio rig and bulky antennas.

"Open Days" on HamSphere:

I feel that HamSphere should reach out to a wider audience.
This spring I have decided to open up the system "Free-to-air" on a few occasions.
Starting with the first event between 18-20 March the system will be fully open to all licensed Hams and HS-Licensed users.

There are a lot of newcomers on the system, so if you are interested in helping out as an experienced user, I would really appreciate that.
(Please note that your Transceiver may say "Running in Expired mode" during the events, it doesn't matter, you have full access anyway)

If you lost your PIN/Password, you can always get a new one here:

I wish you all Good DX!
Best regards,

Kelly Lindman
5B4AIT, Cyprus