How to properly "break in" to an ongoing QSO
2010-01-27 18:32
The correct way to join in to an ongoing QSO.

While tuning around on the Hamsphere Bands, you may come across an ongoing QSO and maybe you'd like to join in. There is a right way to do this and a wrong way. Of course, we all want to operate in the correct manner. Remember, we want to operate on Hamsphere as we would be required to do on the actual Ham Bands.

If you'd like to join in or "break" in to an ongoing conversation or QSO as its called, the first thing you want to do is LISTEN. Make a note of the callsign of one or all in the QSO. Then, WAIT for the transmitting station to hand it back to the next station. Between the break in their QSO, you would say your call. Thats all.... Just your call or if you'd like, the prefix or last numerals of your call. For example; Between the "overs" I would break in by saying, "N1TKO" or if your call is 321HS123, you can say, "123". Thats all... Very simple.
Then, WAIT to be acknowledged by the station it was going to. Once acknowledged, the station would say "N1TKO, you are acknowledged, please stand-by" or "The 123 station, stand by". Then, when the station calls you in, then you can transmit and join into the QSO.

NEVER say BREAK or BREAKER.... The term "Break - Break" is only used in the event of an emergency.
ALWAYS listen first on a frequency before you transmit to be sure it is not already in use. A good habit to get into is to select a frequency you'd like to use then ask "Is this frequency in use?" "Is this frequency in use"? If you hear no response, the frequency is all yours.