Update Your Profile
2011-09-29 14:46
Keep Profile Updated!!!--- Heres How---Login---Open Control Center--Edit You Profile--
Add your--City--State--Country This Will Help You When Working For Awards!!
Re: Update Your Profile
2011-11-06 07:59
Pse Help !

If I click on the control centre I only get the option to download hamsphere. The is no "edit profile" option.

Is there a bug or what is the solution?

Re: Update Your Profile
2011-11-07 06:04
Problem Fixed ! Broken link...
Re: Update Your Profile
2011-12-20 08:18
I have changed my address since I first registered with Hamsphere a year or two back, but have only in the last week subscribed to this great program. What is annoying to me is that I am showing my address still as "Warkworth NZ" and in fact my address is now Auckland NZ. How do I change it, as people using the log are saying to me "Oh I see you live in Warkworth" Would someone please assist me. THANK YOU...
Re: Update Your Profile
2011-12-20 11:59
Hello gary

Go to :Control center.
Than :Edit my profile.
That's it.
If it s not working send a email to: account@hamsphere.com

Gr 13HS575 Geert

LAT 48.446400
LONG 9.986000
Re: Update my Profile
2015-01-25 18:25
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