Non English morse characters
2010-12-19 02:00
I enjoy the Hamsphere product immensely and have a preference to using CW rather than voice for the benefit of those who do not speak English and there many and no doubt more will come to the fore as the product is advertised through the HAM circles.

My job in a previous life involved reading foreign Morse code where conventional English characters were extended to cover a non English letter I would like to use the keyboard facility with an extended elemental character to communicate:

E.G. the old Soviet Bloc word for "good" sounds like .... --- .-. --- ---- --- The second to last character pronounced 'sho' is an O with an added T.

The circumflexed E in French or other Romance languages sound like ..-..

Is there a way this can be done in the shortcuts? My skills in computer programming do not extend to JAVA unfortunately and it is too late to teach this old dog new tricks Ha Ha.

Please let me know? 73s CL SK TU E E
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