How do I use the 2 meter band
2010-11-27 09:56
How do i get to operate the 2 meter band
Re: How do I use the 2 meter band
2010-11-27 12:57
Despite chatter, rumour, and misinformation HamSphere is not a real amateur radio, nor is it like Echolink or IRLP.

As has been explained in the documentation and with in the forum HamSphere is a mathematically modelled simulation of MF/HF amateur radio, including QRN, QRM, and propagation.

At no time does the traffic on HamSphere become RF traffic via a transceiver, but remains internet traffic routed via the HamSphere servers.

As a simulation there are set bands that are available, which do not include any not listed on the virtual transceiver application.


Hamsphere Forum Moderator
2012-02-03 23:37
can I receive sstv transmissions and get sstv pictures from sstv signals
Re: How do I use the 2 meter band
2012-02-05 15:43
Hello Jack
Yes you can Jack, its on the 30 meter band.
You must download an Prg. like EASYpal or MSSTV .

Here the link from Hamsphere bandplan.

Gr Geert 13hs575

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LONG 9.986000
Re: How do I use the 2 meter band
2012-06-30 10:56
As this is the fist time trying Hamsphere could anyone help get me started
I have used Echolink but this is something new and I am starting from scratch.
Software for ipad?
2012-07-01 20:04
Is there software for ipad?
Re: How do I use the 2 meter band
2013-08-21 19:45
is ther a 2meter option for ham spher
Re: Software for ipad?
2014-11-29 22:50
I use my iPads everyday on Hamsphere.
Go to the App Store on your iPad and top right of menu in the search box, enter HAMSPHERE
Download the app.
If it does not come up, go the other way around with iPad go to Google and enter :
"hamsphere download for ipad"
Top of list will take you to the App Store by the back door!

Once downloaded, open the app and log in.
You will see it is a small but very efficient version that works well.

If you struggle, just come back to me.



ps. There is also a fab app for android phone !
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