Question about digital modes.
2010-06-06 15:35
Hello all,

I've just happened to come across an automated transmission on 14.230 stating "Please avoid using analog or digital SSTV on this system" -- I researched it a bit more on the forum and found that any digital mode is not allowed. How long has this been the case, and why? I remember a while back i received a hamsphere SSTV image that was automated, just wondering why this is not allowed anymore.

Does this also go for RTTY too?


Re: Question about digital modes.
2010-06-09 19:31
at the moment, Digital Modes are not allowed. I think RTTY should be not allowed too.
Main reason, I suppose, is bandwith required by Digital Modes, especially SSTV, causing splatter.
I have heard some automated digital mode transmission, generated by HamSphere server, somewhere on 17 meters band some week ago, but I was not able to decode it...

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Re: Question about digital modes.
2010-06-12 05:29
Stefano is correct, digital modes take up too much bandwidth and during test were found to wipe out an entire band with splatter hence the ban.

There are some simulated signals within the QRM/QRN on the bands but these use almost no bandwidth as they have been carefully selected and processed, which why they cannot be decoded.


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