windows 7
2010-02-24 21:59
Hi Hope someone can help me with this question -
will hamsphere run under windows7 64 bit via a wireless router as thats how my laptop is currently connected to the net. hope you can help 73 paul g4rvm
Re: windows 7
2010-02-25 18:21
It should have no problems running under Windows 7 as long as you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Java.


Hamsphere Forum Moderator
Re: windows 7
2010-02-25 23:18
It works great with Vista,
Re: windows 7
2010-03-16 20:06
hi. just upgraded from window xp to window 7 .have perfect rx but no tx at all. any suggestions greatfully recieved. have latest java. tks scott.
Re: windows 7
2010-03-16 21:06
Hi Scott.

As the HamSphere application seems to work in RX mode it must be the recording device.
Please issue the command /devices in the chat followed by enter.
Look for recording devices. You should get a list. You can try different inputs with the /record command
Please refer to the README file:

Here is an excerpt from that file:

Audio commands
/devices - List available audio devices

/play 0 - Set playback device 0. You can change this whenever. Output will change on the fly.

/record 1 - Set playback device 1. You can change this whenever. Input will change on the fly.

Make sure you use the mixer by hitting F9 in order to assign the microphone and set its level for each device. Audio settings will be stored in the config file.
Note! Set maximum mic level to end ALC scale.

You can test the microphone level by using HamSphere's Echo-Server.
Tune the 6 meter band and the frequency 50.12345
Set the microphone level, press PTT and speak into the microphone.
1 second after you have released the PTT, the server will play your recorded message back so you will get an idea about your audio quality and levels. Up to 1 minute audio will be echoed back.

Re: windows 7
2010-05-20 04:13
I am new to hamshere. I have widows 7. But i can not fine radio to lisen on or talk on. I signed on and payed money on 18 may 2010. any help would be appresated. thanks
Re: windows 7
2017-11-27 17:42
now we have got the way here to find out the way to get the windows 10 recycle bin online.
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