DX-Users list - LX missing ?
2012-07-31 08:23
Hi all,

I am suprised to not see all countries listed in the DX-user link
"The HamSphere DX-ZONE (Subject to change)"

My country LX (or in ISO2 54HS) is not listed.
and I know several hams working from LX aka 54HS and HamSphere.

Why haven't you added LX ?

Thanks for your reply
Re: DX-Users list - LX missing ?
2012-08-01 13:42

This list here are ALL the DX countries, some countries are not anymore in the DX-zone,and have to pay 30,-Euro for the software.

Regards Geert

LAT 48.446400
LONG 9.986000
DX-countries users have to pay?
2013-07-23 16:40
Hello everyone,
Country____HS Prefix___Ham Prefix___ISO2___ISO3____List #

India is listed in Dx-Countries list, but in my case i am unable to use Hamsphere as the system is showing that i am trial user!! and the trial is expired..
Whay so? i thing users from DX- counties have free access to Hamsphere, is that right? please clarify..
many Thanks
Re: DX-countries users have to pay?
2013-07-24 03:11
Happy time,

HamSphere Admin VE3JAR made it all right....
Thank you Vic.....Now i am a Dx-User....

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