Hamsphere on ipad?
2011-10-30 11:15
Hello my friends ,
This is 117HS254 from Cairo,Egypt
I just wanna know if any of the users of hamsphere using it on the ipad?
Any guiding lines would be highly appreciated
All the best

Re: Hamsphere on ipad?
2011-10-31 07:32
Hello Tarek

I know that Kelly have been working on an iPhone app for Hamshere, but as far as I know it's not ready.

Part of the problem, I guess, is that Ios don't support flash. This makes it impossibel to run HS on iPhone / iPad. But there is a large demand for such an app, so I'm pretty sure it will come in due time.

Untill then we have to run HS on our computers :-)

If you browse this forum you can read many threads about this subject.

73 / Regards
21div Admin
Re: Hamsphere on ipad?
2012-12-30 22:24
Please, I do not getting cw qso or other modo. There is decoder for cw?
Re: Hamsphere on ipad?
2013-07-26 21:04
Hamsphere is now OK on IPAD
Re: Hamsphere on ipad?
2013-08-24 22:16
I have try Hamsphere on my ipod mini and this is not very easy to operate, no mic leve, not possible to change server, and audio is not good, not possible to reduce audio power.
Re: Hamsphere on ipad but no QSL...?
2015-02-20 12:37
I think QSL cards, or lack of. On IOx is not a tragedy.
Nor is it on other portable platform .
But, to be able to log in a QSO, that would be really an improvement !
Hope this is in the pipeline ....
Re: Hamsphere on ipad?
2015-03-25 22:15
I have Hamsphere on my I PAD 2 it works but it is limited to what you can do
Re: Hamsphere on ipad?
2015-09-05 17:34
I would like To operate Hampsphere on my iPad Air 2
Aldo hop tout increase mic gain and power on trial version
Re: Hamsphere on ipad?
2016-07-28 17:35
Any progress on HamSphere for iPad?
It would be great to use in landscape mode & build your own receiver.

Re: Hamsphere on ipad?
2017-11-20 02:12
Still trying to get hs3 on my iPad. It seems free but they want pay info.
Not giving cards numbers...so I am stuck.
Re: Hamsphere on ipad?
2017-11-20 02:16
Me too. Would like the portability. So far can not install! Passwords fixed, then credit card info wanted...no way, it was said to be free.
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