Failed experiment and a question
2017-08-23 13:38

I just tried an experiment and if this is frowned upon please let me know. I'm still pretty new at this so I wanted to try something.

I logged into my Hamsphere account on both HS4 and my Samsung 7 simultaneously. I dialed into 07.050.00 on the 40m band on both accounts and tried a CQ to see if I could hear myself -- once through my computer and once through my phone. I heard nothing on either device.

I wanted to try this because I was trying to CQ for the better part of 30 minutes this morning and even though I see activity on any given band on my phone (not on my computer), apparently no one can hear me. But in the evenings when I'm on HS4 and I do a CQ, specifically on 145.50.00 on the 2m band, people can hear me with no problem. My mic is working and sound comes out just fine on both devices, etc, but I just can't make contact.

When I log in on my phone there is activity on every band. But I can barely get anything on my computer, even on the 48m band. The only activity I can see this morning on my computer is at 434.100.00 on the 70cm band.

Is this because I need to purchase a different antenna when I'm at my computer?

And why is there a voice calling digits accompanied by a clicking noise on the 1.8 band on my phone? It's slightly unnerving.


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