HS3 has 3 times the users of HS4 but gets less attention
2017-07-03 07:29

As a HS3 user for some years now, I am wondering why it is that HS3 gets much less attention then HS4?
There are 3 times more users on HS3 (source: spring news letter) than there are on HS4. So obviously HS3 is better liked by a larger group.

But in the newsletter only 1/5 of the letter is about HS3. The rest about HS4. The same can be said for the number of contest, net news etcetera. This while we all pay the same contribution!!

If the management/owners of HS has decided that they like HS4 better and want more people to use it, that's great but please can someone
organise a small team around HS3 and give it a bit more attention and effort? Thanks in advance.

Also software-wise there could be a small upgrade for HS3? Maybe a bit of squelch? And some other obvious needed features?
I am sure that there are wants and needs by the HS3 group of users. You only need to ask :) And maybe one or 2 added servers (Asia, Africa, Russia)?

With regards and 73's
Re: HS3 has 3 times the users of HS4 but gets less attention
2017-08-29 06:59
An Inconvenient Truth?
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