W7SUB--Submarine-special events station
2011-11-26 15:34
we operate on 14.240mhz here on HS---check daily --we QSL by EQSL or send a SASE #10 evelope to--W7RIT-- with contact info-- or a card if you have one-- for Picture Card Of Submarine--we operate on HF RF radio on Saturday 14.240---14.260 mhz and 18.130--18.140 and on Sunday -PSK- on 14.070.15 mhz --your operater--Red----see you there---73
Re: W7SUB--Submarine-special events station
2011-11-29 15:32

Hullo Red Was great talking with you today aboard the sub

ON THE 29th Nov 7am your time I think..
3pm here in the uk
My Station is 26HS2375
operator DAVID
EPPING TOWN UK your report RST 579
Sure would like a QSL from you.And I will send you one there on the sub.

73s from David 26HS2375 email d.green14@sky.com
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