HamSphere 3.0 Update
2011-03-09 07:35
Dear operators.

I am working flat out with the 3.0 features. HamSphere need better redundance (safety net) so I am currently investigating four new server locations in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia that shall be integrated in 3.0. This will call for better performance and better ping times for everyone.

Here is the 3.0 release plan.

As so many new things have emerged recently I am re-scheduling some of the features and I will be releasing 3.0 in two stages (RC1 and RC2 Release candidates) before the final 3.0 release.
We will be needing beta testers and more info will come in the next newsletter.

Here are the specifics:

Multi server support
Server Ping Quality indicator
Distributed network, no need for central server connection.
Database replication servers for higher redundancy.
Reworked TCP timeouts (To get rid of Server timeout messages)
Cleaned up Server messages with Dynamic text support.
Reworked Warning messages in Client with Dynamic tex support.
Slightly reworked Skin.
Subscription support in client.
Proper HELP support in Client including Improved audio help in client.
New color codes in the cluster indicating user level.
Improved microphone level AGC.
Hidden administrator audio communication channel (for admin maintenance purposes)
Improved realism, reworked S/N parameters. Applied Grid square propagation parameters.
Programmable F-Keys

Inter-Server propagation model.
Automatic user log from www.hamsphere.com with QSO info.
VOX operation
Improved and reworked Audio Test repeater.
External CW input, true carrier keying.
External control API (Via tcp/http) for interfacing other systems.
Reworked Skin transparency.
Codec off mode. Ability to use full 4 kHz non coded 128kbit bandwidth for proper SSTV and Digital transmisions.
Mouse over identification in FFT.
Added digital S-meter readout.

Kelly Lindman