2014-07-05 08:53
HamSphere is delighted to cooperate with Youngsters on the Air (YOTA), a
young people's movement, in the running of the 2014 European Radio team
Championship (ERTC 2014) due to be held in the city of Virrat, Finland.

HamSphere will provide a framework for this first-ever ERTC competition
in which two-operator teams compete in contacting members of the HS
community as well as each other in pursuit of developing their computer
& communication skills in the spirit of fostering coexistence between
Real and Virtual Amateur Radio.

YOTA 2014 is sponsored by the European Union and the International
Amateur Radio Union.


DATE: July 19, 2014 and July 20, 2014

TIME: Saturday (19) , 1200-1500 UTC and Sunday (20) 0400-0700
UTC (Note the changed start time)

BANDS: HamSphere Version 3.0, 7040-7090 kHz, 14240-14290 kHz and 21340-21390 kHz

MODE: Voice (DSB)

EXCHANGE: Signal report and serial number, starting from 001

LOGGING: HS will provide a contest log the same way as in other HS

QSLs: A special series of QSLs will be released immediately after the

SCORING: Each normal correct contact is worth 10 points, and ERTC
stations count for 100 points. The point value is multiplied by the
number of countries contacted on all three (3) bands. Both periods
result in separate multipliers. The final score is the sum of each day's
points times multipliers.


ERTC Gold Award for twenty top scoring stations
ERTC Silver Award for twenty ops working the highest number of ERTC stations
on three bands
ERTC Bronze Award for those making more than 100 contacts

A Special ERTC European Union Award will be issued to those contacting all
fifteen ERTC teams. ERTC stations from fifteen European countries can be
identified by their special Finnish OJ callsigns and they come with
operators from Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia,
Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, United
Kingdom, Finland and Spain.

As these operators are young and have less experience of HS, you are
encouraged to call them by identifying yourself clearly and to help them
in every way possible. They will be practicing until July 15 using a
14YOTA callsign of their country of origin.

Good luck with this special event,

Marcin, 161HS363 & Martti, OH2BH

You can sign up in advance to this contest here: