DX station IA/IZ3SUS will be active on HamSphere from Antarctica
2014-03-12 13:00
Dear DX hunters, according to Paride IZ3SUS, the station will be active on HamSphere from the Concordia Research station in Antarctica. We have initiated his Antarctica callsign IA/IZ3SUS and he will be operating via Satellite provider.

From QRZ:

Dear Friends,

From February 2014 to November 2014 I'll be operating from Concordia research station, in Antarctica, where I'll overwinter. From Wikipedia:

Concordia Research Station, which opened in 2005, is a research facility that was built 3,233 m above sea level at a location called Dome C on the Antarctic Plateau, Antarctica. It is located 1,100km inland from the French research station at Dumont D'Urville, 1,100 kilometres inland from Australia's Casey Station and 1,200 kilometres inland from the Italian Zucchelli Station at Terra Nova Bay. Russia's Vostok Station is 560 kilometres away. The Geographic South Pole is 1670 kilometres away.

Concordia Station is the third permanent, all-year research station on the Antarctic Plateau besides Vostok Station (Russian) and the Amundsen-Scott Station (U.S.) at the Geographic South Pole. It is jointly operated by scientists from France and Italy.

The call sign I'll use is: IA/IZ3SUS. Some data about the station:

Local time: UTC+8
WAP reference: MNB-03 (Multi National Base)

I'll operate every Friday between 17:00 and 18:00 UTC, working at 14333kHz in split 5 up.

Gianni I1HYW will be my QSL manager during my stay in Antarctica.

73 de Paride IA/IZ3SUS