HamSphere on the iPhone development

12 Dec 2011

The work in releasing the iPhone app to app store has commenced. Please check this page for updates frequently.
I am also planning on releasing a different app for iPad and I am looking into this now

Development for Android will start in 2012.

9 May 2010


VFO, Bandselector, LCD and PTT implemented and working.

28 April 2010


The Transmit and Receive functions are fully implemented. I had some struggle with simultaneous use of the AudioQueue sound framework, but it is all fine now. I have started working on the UI and here is a movie showing the xCode development and the iPhone simulator. You will be able to see the splash screen, login screen and some of the first control screen.

3 April 2010

Hello there!

I have managed to connect to the HamSphere server with audio. Now OK over the GPRS / EDGE technology.
This means that HamSphere will work over the old GPRS standard, not requiring 3G.

Hi All.

Today 2 April 2010 I managed to get the low level core audio working on the iPhone.
Low level socket handling is already implememented and the audio codec is also working.

Please look at this video. It shows a connection to the HamSphere server and the response code from the server
as well as a 600 hz sine wave generated from the core audio framework called AudioQueue which is really not for beginners :-(
Now it is just a matter of putting it all together.

73 Kelly