2011-11-02 18:07
Now that Kelly has added the capability to use EasyPAL on Hamsphere (thanks Kelly!!!), can someone provide a tutorial on how to use this program on Hamsphere?

I, and others, will find this very helpful.

George, NJ3H
Re: EasyPAL
2011-11-02 18:14
DRM as used in Easypal, allows very fast data transmissions with error correction, enabling very accurate decoding, and a means to request missing blocks, this is all done within Easypal, and very simple to do.

Images up to 1280x1024 are sent in a little over 1 minute, Easypal does compress images to shorten transmission times, but you have the ability to adjust the compression if unwanted artifacts are present in the image.

EasyPal HELP Pages

Here is a massive guide to EasyPal and some of its bells and whistles

Download EasyPal

Re: EasyPAL
2011-11-02 23:01
Thanks Kelly. You mentioned that EasyPAL has error correction. So whether just one or multiple stations are receiving a picture, how does the error correction work? Does the program transmit back to the sending station a request for a re-transmission of the missing information? If multiple stations are receiving, then it could increase the transmission times until all receiving stations are satisfied.

I am sure this will be explained in the literature, but I am puzzled by this .

Thanks for all of the improvements you keep making to Hamsphere. By the way, I heard a rumor that there might be some kind of a TV add-on similar to the QSO-TV that tags along with CQ100. Is this indeed in the plans? If so, what would be the target date?

George, NJ3H
Re: EasyPAL
2011-11-03 09:12
Hello George,
If your OS is Windows XP then you go to the JO3KLS web site.
Then you are going to get some idea from the web site.
If your OS is Windows Vista or Windows 7 then you have troublesome on it to operate at HamSphere.
As you know, We have to use soundcard function to change over the voice and pics. signal.
We use mic for the voice and we use stereomix for the pics. on the soundcard.
At HamSphere, this changeover operation dose not work well under OS Windows Vista or Windows 7.
I beleve you know about MMSSTV operation on the CQ-100.
My guess is that there are no big different between MMSSTV operation on the CQ-100 and EasyPal on the HamSphere with OS Windows XP.
I myself could operate EasyPal well with OS Windows XP at HamSphere today my time.

Shuji JA3GQJ
Re: EasyPAL
2011-11-07 02:30
What do you guys do about the frequent buffering dropout?
I get a 1 second dead spot ( I assume from buffering) about every 20-40 seconds where there is no sound.
This completely kills any easypal xfers.
I have had decent results with analog SSTV receiving.

I assume the problem has to do with the following paragraph from the manual:
"Using TCP protocol may have its advantages. But it is also prone to high
latency especially if the connection have a lot of packet loss.
The Jitter buffer: The newly implemented jitter buffer keeps track of the
audio packets. If the TCP stream halts, staggers or gets delayed,
the jitter buffer will compensate this by discarding packets without
loosing audio drastically. There might be some small drop outs, but overall
it should be a pretty OK experience. "
Re: EasyPAL
2011-11-07 09:45
Hi, the jitter buffer is "turned off" in CODOFF mode.

Have you tried different servers? Do all servers give you this gap?

Re: EasyPAL
2011-11-07 11:19
I do not know any theory about internet communication.
But I have learned following phenomenon on the EasyPal with HamSphere sice version was issued.
1. The same sersvere should be used to get good result of the picture exchange.
2. Under the different OS of computer, we some time are not able to exchange the picture.
3. It seems that there are running priority on those software.
3-1 Under OS Windows XP, If You run HamSphere first then EasyPal and your partnerruns EasyPal
first then HamSphere then you and your partner will get good resulte.
If you and your partner run same way as HamSphere(EasyPal) first then EasyPal
(HamSphere) then you will fail to exchange the picture.
3-2 You will fail to exchange the picture between different OS as Windows XP and Windows
Vista(or 7)
4. There is a pause of signal often and we fail to copy the pictuer by this pause.


Shuji JA3GQJ
Re: EasyPAL
2017-09-26 15:19
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Re: EasyPAL
2017-09-29 14:56
These posts are 6 years old, is anyone using this now for SSTV?

If you are I would love to get some help in setting it up, or what ever program you are using now.

Thanks for any help on this.

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