Well, seeing as there is not a specific area for sstv, I thought I would put this in the general room.

Ever since I downloaded mmsstv and first tried sstv on 30m, receiving images just won't work at all, I've had 15 people try and fix it, some even tried remote desktop, but failed dismally, so in light of not being able to use sstv, I have no choice but to uninstall mmsstv (both versions, 1.08 and 1.13A) from my PC and stick to voice only, and stay clear of 30m, sending using Scottie2 is no problem.

This is the result of attempting to receive an image via mmsstv v1.13A (auto detected Scottie2):-


As can be seen, no matter what settings are tried the only result is nothing but streaks of color.

All the settings have been checked, rechecked verified and checked again, and everything is fine, and this has stumped all 15 people that tried, so now it's just time to give up and remove mmsstv.
Re: mmsstv has never worked on my setup.
2017-07-30 18:32
What you will need
first get the plugin that controls codecs!
SABRENT USB-SBCV USB 2.0 External 2.1 Surround Sound Adapter or possibley any other but this is what i used 10.00
2 stereo 3 foot male to male cables 2.00ea at walmart
A Four pin splitter to separate speaker and mic jacks on my HP Red laptop 5.00

Here is what to do with the stuff
After inserting USB sound card make sure your internal sound mic and speakers sre set to default!!! at least I had to.

usb mic in connects to speaker out embedded device
usb speaker out connects to mic in embedded device ( your computer or laptop sound card )

! setup fldigi to use the external usb sound card
set all leval adjusments to 0

Set Hamshere 4 to use your computer or laptops Primary Sound driver for audio out and Primary Sound Capture for audio in adjust levels to 0

here are my settings that work for vox enabled ( you can do it manually if you want but when fldigi sends i want the rig vos to activate and turn off after fl is done sending.

the usb sound adaptor is set to...
mic in level apox 50 gets audio from HS Rig to decode
speaker out level aprox 5 sends audio cw or digital modes to HS Rig

Embedded sound adaptor settings...
mic in gets audo from fldigi 10
Speaker Out 10

On HS Rig
Vox delay all the way up double click on vox gain
Vox gain aprox 90%
MIC 50%

It does not take a lot of power to do CW and DMs most of the time...

This is the CORE SETUP I USE...You will not hear any audio out of anything but when you use cw of psk31 or MMSTV slow scan TV you do not need to

this should get you in the ball park fine tune settings to achieve ALC Drive in the GREEN i peak about 2 most of the time.
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