The Spirit of Ham Radio
2011-09-14 21:57
HamSphere wishes to promote and preserve the Spirit of Ham Radio.

HamSphere is a highly realistic simulation of a Ham Radio transceiver using the Internet.
With the virtual radio characteristics including the look and feel of a real Transceiver, we are producing a simulation of real Ham Radio communications over the Shortwave band.

HamSphere strongly supports licensed Ham Radio callsigns being used with this software program.
Individuals carrying an Amateur Radio license have worked hard to pass and obtain their Ham Radio Callsign and should be proud of their accomplishments.

The callsign is a unique identifier issued to the operator by the governing agency in their country and gives the privilege of operating a legal Ham Radio station.

One of the goals of HamSphere is to encourage the hobby of Ham Radio by having all operators conducting themselves with the spirit of Ham Radio in mind.

With the leading by example and communication skills, this will hopefully present great interest and inspiration for others to consider studying and passing tests thus obtaining the prestigious identification called the Ham Radio (Amateur Radio) Callsign.