HamSphere 3.0 info
2011-01-18 10:40
Hi folks.

HamSphere 2.0 was released in January 2010 and it is still performing well.
The purpose and goal of the HamSphere 3.0 release is to improve and enhance the "Ham Rig" feeling as well as fixing some minor glitches that were discovered in 2.0.

The 3.0 will look and feel very similar to 2.0 but will have some new knobs and enhancements.

This is the current list of features / enhancements of the HamSphere 3.0 software Transceiver.

Cleaned up Server messages
Reworked Warning messages in Client. Added dynamic text support.
Slightly reworked Skin.
Subscription support in client.
Improved audio help in client.
Improved user Authentication
New color codes in the cluster indicating user level.
More F1-F12 Key functionality by using ALT key.
Reorganisation of the F-Keys.
Programmable F-Keys
Each user can download an automatic user log from www.hamsphere.com with QSO info.
VOX operation
Improved and reworked Audio Test repeater.
Consistant UTC time usage throughout the application.
Cluster frequency inconsistancy fix.
Improved cluster scrolling and reading.
External CW input, true carrier keying.
External control API (Via tcp/http) for interfacing other systems.
Reworked Skin transparency.
Codec off mode. Ability to use full 4 kHz non coded 128kbit bandwidth for proper SSTV and Digital transmisions.
Mouse over identification in FFT.
Improved microphone level AGC.
Added digital S-meter readout.
Reworked code for server performace.
Improved realism, reworked S/N parameters. Applied Grid square propagation parameters.
Hidden administrator audio communication channel (for admin maintenance purposes)

Subject to change.
Beta tests of the software will commence in Q1 2011.

Kelly Lindman