India DX Net - Special Session : Fundamentals of HF
2013-10-15 19:55
The India DX Net on HamSphere will conduct a series of special sessions on various topics related to principles of "HF communication for Ham Radio".

The first session in the series will be held on the 19th and 20th of October 2013 on the regular Net frequency 28.455 MHz at 11:30 UTC. This will be a two day session covering the concepts of Signal, Noise, properties of various modulation types and modes, HF propagation, Ionospheric behavior, Path loss, Role of solar activity (SN & SFI) and Solar cycle, etc. The intended target audience is a broad section including radio enthusiasts and budding ham operators. We believe that these topics will be of relevance to HamSphere users in the very near future as we witness the rollout of the new HamSphere 4.0 system.

The special session will begin on the 19th with group discussion between VU2NSB Basu, 4S7DA Denver and WB2TKR Joe.

This will be a structured discussion building basic concepts from ground up and gradually progressing to various topics as we go along. The second day of the session (20th) will be largely reserved for Q&A rounds when all stations QRG on the net will be able to ask questions and we hope to provide answers to the satisfaction of everyone.

Since the topics being covered are vast and the time is limited, we intend to have follow up sessions in the next phase where we will discuss significance of various types of Antennas, how to beam directional antennas towards a specific location, great circle paths, need for Linear PA, and importance of receiver filters, various exotic propagation modes like Gray-line, Sporadic-E, Tropospheric ducting, NVIS, etc.


TOPIC: Fundamentals of HF Communication for Radio Amateurs
WHERE: HamSphere (India DX Net) 28.455 MHz (10m)
WHEN: 19-10-2013 and 20-10-2013
TIME: 11:30 UTC onwards...

Daily India DX Net: Daily...11:30 UTC onwards (05:00 pm IST)......10 meters.....28.455.00

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