7055 discipline
2012-08-22 13:51
Dear operators.

We have been monitoring the 7055 kHz frequency on 40 meters for a couple of days from UTC 13.00 and onwards. We are very happy for the massive traffic on HamSphere.

Unfortunately, the "Ham Radio protocol" is not followed at all times and there is sometimes difficult to maintain a proper QSO on some frequencies.

As this 7055 is the default start up frequency we can understand why operators gather there. But we rather see operators scatter and spread across the bands.
Nevertheless, the "Ham Protocol" must be followed regardless of participants on a frequency.

Do's and Don'ts

Please end your transmissions with "Over".

If there is a QSO going on and you want to "break in". Wait for an "over" and quickly send the last letters or digits of your call sign. Make that transmission very short. The QSO holders should recognize you and let you in.

Keep your modulation within the green ALC. Make sure you do not splatter.

Don't call CQ without checking that the frequency is free and not in use.

Respect the owner of the frequency. If someone is calling CQ and gets a reply, it is considered "his" frequency and you SHOULD NOT steal it after his QSO.

Spread out across the band, call CQ on different frequencies. Don't worry, your call sign will turn up in the cluster.

Always end your transmission with the call sign of the operator you are talking to followed by your own call sign and "over"

Do not start transmitting until you hear the "over". If you keep "guessing" when it is your time, the result will be "doubling".

Operators not following these simple instructions will be kicked or even banned.